Who we are


Helge Krogenes

Founder & CEO

Helge has worked directly with organizations like FM Global / FM Approvals, Association of State Floodplain Managers both the national and state level, US Army Corps of Engineers, THW Federal Agency for Technical Relief in Germany, The Environment Agency in UK, The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate and local municipalities both when flood events occur and for flood relief planning.

Mike Graham

Mike Graham

President of Smart Vent (U.S. sales network for Diluvium)

Mike has developed Smart Vent Products Inc to a successful business in the flood industry. In 2017 Smart Vent Products went into partnership with Diluvium to provide the industry with the Diluvium Flood Barriers.

Mike has also established the Risk Reduction Plus Group (Insurance Agency) which was formed in 2014 and was brought on by the demand by Smart Vent's customers to offer flood insurance.

tom little

Tom Little

CFM, CGP, VP Sales

Tom is a Certified Floodplain Manager and Licensed Insurance Broker

His experience has been in developing innovative flood vent and flood barrier products through manufacturing, testing, certification, and marketing. Tom has achieved CEU provider and course approval on a national level and with many state professional organizations

He has developed four Floodplain Construction courses, all of which are approved through the American Institute of Architects (AIA) American Institute of Building Designers (AIBD), and the International Code Council (ICC)


Ben-Tommy Eriksen

VP Creative Development

Ben Tommy is a skilled programmer, graphic designer for 2D and 3D models.

Specialties: Programming (ASP VB-script and Java), Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightwave 3D, Inventor Fusion CAD, 3D printing, CNC, 3D scanning.

Ben-Tommy develops solutions and implements improvements in any product or method involving water and how to prevent permeation.


Peder Aarseth Krogenes


Peder is a communications consultant supporting clients in the renewable energy, technology, startup, aquaculture, utilities and transportation sectors

Peder has most recently served as the communications advisor for the upgrade of the Oslo Metro’s signalling and interlocking system to a communications based train control system (CBTC). 

His specialties are internal communications, corporate narratives and media relations.