Keep your property safe from flood damage

Flood damage is expensive, both in terms of repairs and lost revenue during renovations. Heavy sand bags are the customary response to flooding. But they leak and require hours of labor to set up.

We have developed a flood barrier that is ideal for any sized commercial property or home. The Diluvium Flood Barrier is lightweight, easy to set up, reusable and most importantly: it forms a completely watertight barrier.

We are committed to providing you with a flood barrier that gives you peace of mind when faced with a flood.

Easy assembly

When a flood is imminent, you no longer have to worry about the approaching water. You can set up Diluvium Flood Barriers on your own if necessary. With a few people, you will be able to completely protect your property from flood damage - no pre-installed fixtures or mounting points required

Flexible and reusable

The weight of the oncoming water keeps the barrier upright, you can therefore set it up wherever needed. Because it is flexible by design, the Diluvium Flood Barrier can be set up around corners. After the flood recedes, you can pack it up and store it until you need to use it again.

Easy Transportation and Storage

Light-weight and portable - can be shipped directly to you with UPS Minimal storage space required. You can store the Diluvium Flood Barrier onsite, in your basement or storeroom.


We can provide a flood barrier of any length, for both homes and businesses. Get in touch!